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Lithium bromide chiller

Industrial production of refrigeration equipment, lithium bromide chiller, make industrial production easier.

the working principle of the cold water machine, solution and water vapor is the balance between dynamic balance, at this point, the molecules through the liquid surface in the steam rate is equal to the molecule returns to the speed of solution from the steam. Because the lithium bromide solution of lithium bromide molecular attraction of water molecules than the attraction between water molecules, but also because of the existence of the lithium bromide molecules in a liquid volume in the unit and reduce the number of water molecules, so under the condition of same temperature liquid unit volume of steam in the inland waters molecules on the surface of the number of smaller than the number of water molecules on the water surface. Because of the high boiling point of the lithium bromide, working temperature range will not volatilize, so smooth and solution in the state of the total pressure of steam is water vapor pressure by a on the temperature at the same time, the lithium bromide solution on the surface of the liquid water vapor partial pressure less than the saturated vapor pressure of pure water, and the lower the concentration, the higher the temperature the lower water vapor partial pressure. The temperature of the lithium bromide solution, the relationship between the concentration and pressure. When concentration of 50%, the temperature is 25 & deg; , the saturated vapor pressure of 0. 85 KP, and at the same temperature of saturated water vapor pressure is 3. 17 KP, if the water saturation vapor pressure is greater than zero. 85 KP, such as the pressure for 1 kpa ( Is equal to the saturation temperature of 7 & deg; ) , the lithium bromide solution has the ability to absorb the water vapor, which means the lithium bromide solution absorption temperature less than its ability to water vapor, which is one of the working principle of the libr absorption industrial ice machine, on the contrary, when the pressure at the same time, the saturation temperature of the solution must be greater than that of water saturation temperature, so the water vapor generated by the lithium bromide solution is always in a state of overheating.

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