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Lithium bromide chiller

Who lithium bromide solution properties and the enthalpy concentration

lithium bromide aqueous solution of lithium bromide solution and water form the multicomponent solution, in which water as industrial ice machine, lithium bromide solution as the absorbent

1) Water

contact with most of the material in the water is people's life, is non-toxic, no combustion, no explosion, low prices and large latent heat of vaporization, 16 times greater than that of r22) , large volume, etc. Standard condition, water in 0 & deg; Freezes, so preparing lithium bromide chiller can only 0. ° More than cold quantity, this also is greatly limits the application range of his, make its mainly used in air conditioning engineering.

2) Lithium bromide

1) lithium bromide ( libr) Respectively belong to alkali and halogen element, its nature and salt, nacl) Similar and belong to salt, salty, show colorless granular crystal, melting point is 549 & deg; 。

(2) the high boiling point, boiling point of 1265 at a physical pressure & deg; , so it is generally believed in normal temperature and high temperatures do not usually volatile.

3. Easy to dissolve in water.

(4) performance is stable, continuous deterioration in the atmosphere, not easy to decompose.

5. It is by the concentration ( The mass fraction) For 92. 01% of the bromide and concentration ( The mass fraction) For 7. 99% of lithium, molecular weight is 86. 856, density of 3. 464公斤

3) Lithium bromide aqueous solution

1) colorless liquid, salty, non-toxic, plus the yellow color is shown after chromic acid lithium.

2. Lithium bromide in water solubility and decreased with the decreasing of temperature. The points on the curve line of crystallization, the solution is in saturated state, its upper left says more solid lithium bromide crystal precipitation, said the lower solution crystallization does not exist. Solubility is refers to the saturated solution contained in the lithium bromide anhydrous compound quality ingredients, also is the mass concentration of lithium bromide aqueous solution. Curve, the lithium bromide ice making machine should not be more than 66%, the quality of the lithium bromide aqueous solution concentration or run intermediate solution at lower temperature lithium bromide will be crystallization, disturb the normal operation cycle.

3. Lithium bromide aqueous solution steam partial pressure is small, it under the same temperature of pure water saturation vapour pressure is much smaller, so has a strong ability to absorb water.
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