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Lithium bromide absorption chiller to filling the lithium bromide solution

Lithium bromide absorption chiller ( Hereinafter referred to as: lithium bromide industrial ice machine) When in charging of lithium bromide solution, but the shop or the mixed solution into the prepared solution in barrel. The barrel should be add solution to use, and maintenance of lithium bromide chiller fashion solution containing liquid level indicator on the barrel.

according to the requirements of lithium bromide chiller shop instructions to prepare enough solution. With corrosion resistant rubber hose or transparent plastic tube voltage, add connection solution barrels of the tube and the sample tube of absorber unit. Open the charging bucket valve, make the air back to add liquid barrel and discharge. Then open the lithium bromide industrial ice machine sampling valve, the use of vacuum degree within the unit and the outside atmospheric pressure difference, make the solution automatically flows into the absorber solution tank inside the unit. When the liquid level reach more than 50% when the glass tube liquid level indicator, open the generator pump to high and low pressure generator liquid groove in conveying fluid. When the high and low voltage generator and absorber meet the level requirements, can stop adding lithium bromide solution.

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