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Lithium bromide absorption chiller failure problems and solutions

Cold water machine manufacturers for you to sort out, lithium bromide absorption chiller failure problems and solutions:

1) Lithium bromide solution performance deterioration. Color is brown, the solution pH value is greater than 10, after sampling let stand at the bottom there is a lot of corrosion, precipitation, with a white solution; Corrosion products clogging pump cooling system lead to shield the electric pump damage.

2) No non-condensable gas discharge is difficult, and always not net, vacuum pump must be frequent start extraction, vacuum pump oil emulsification, make the solution flow deviation is serious, affect the absorption effect.

3) Cold purification agent, absorption refrigerants, when the cold room is running there may be trace amounts of absorbing liquid into the cooling agent. In this case, if long time operation, the absorption of trace liquid will settle, which reduces the refrigeration capacity.


(1), vacuum management purpose is to ensure that bromine remain the best vacuum cold machine, the machine within the non-condensable gas content control within the scope of the permit. Caused the unit vacuum unqualified main approaches: one is from the external leakage air, 2 it is because the solution is heated non-condensable gas, the third is cold water high temperature saturated water vapor partial pressure is too big, can't take out gas inside the machine, vacuum pump vacuum not qualified, is the main reason of corrosion of the unit internal, so want to strictly control the vacuum degree of the unit.

(2), internal conditions, the tally for monthly analysis of lithium bromide solution, make sure of chromic acid lithium, octyl alcohol in the solution, at the same time analysis unit corrosion situation, make corresponding adjustment, to ensure the qualified of lithium bromide refrigerator internal conditions. Refrigerator running group every day on the water system test data were analyzed, and the adjustments according to the national water quality standards to ensure the quality of the circulating water, avoid wall scale to ensure that the lithium bromide refrigerator heat transfer effect.

(3), to adopt manual extraction bromine cold machine, during normal operation, with or without air permeability, should be running vacuum pump 1 ~ 2 times a week, but no non-condensable gas. In the unit is started again after a long time to stop, or on the unit internal maintenance, all should start the vacuum pump in addition to no non-condensable gas. In addition, operations managers should be based on the analysis of operation parameters of the unit, such as the capacity, fuel consumption, cooling water temperature and other data, determine the unit of vacuum state, to decide whether to need no non-condensable gas. If continue to rise, vacuum and vacuum pumping out, must be set to hand over the air tightness inspection, find out the leakage points.

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