Lithium bromide absorption chiller and heat sink applications

by:CBFI     2020-10-17
Lithium bromide absorption chiller is mainly used in chemical industry all kinds of cooling, the food industry all kinds of cooling, plastic mold and metal processing welding cooling cooling. In order to get cold water needed for the production process, must consume a certain amount of heat energy. This kind of heat can be heat of combustion of the fuel, fuel combustion to produce steam, also can be all kinds of waste heat. Used in lithium bromide absorption refrigerating machine heat mainly has the following several aspects:

( 1) The direct heat of combustion of fuel gas, fuel oil.

( 2) Steam from boiler directly produce ( Or hot water) , called a steam ( Or hot water) 。 This kind of steam ( Or hot water) By direct combustion of fuel.

( 3) Gas engine or gas turbine exhaust.

( 4) Solar hot water.

( 5) Centrifugal chiller steam turbine exhaust, called secondary steam.

( 6) Exhaust boiler exhaust gas heat exchanger of steam or hot water.

( 7) Gas engine cooling medium low pressure steam or hot water.

use of all the secondary steam engine or turbine exhaust heat is the most energy saving method, this is the cause of the lithium bromide absorption chiller is known as energy-saving products. The lithium bromide absorption industrial ice machine and produce all kinds of waste heat, exhaust gas or secondary steam of various mechanical equipment joint operation, in order to improve the heat utilization.

the lithium bromide absorption chiller operation mode are mainly lithium bromide absorption run separately, lithium bromide absorption chiller and joint running of the steam turbine unit, lithium bromide absorption chiller and centrifugal chiller joint operation, the lithium bromide absorption chiller and heat recovery device, electric installations, joint operations, etc.
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