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Lemon lyophilizer

In recent years, lemon favored by many consumers, but currently on the market sales of lemon is drying or drying one with more, not only appear dry shrinkage and Browning phenomenon, vitamin, physiological active component and other heat-sensitive nutrients also loss greatly. And to the lyophilizer produce color, flavor and nutrients have been well preserved and safety and health of freeze-dried lemon slice. Therefore, also known as lemon lyophilizer or lemon freeze dryer.

with lemon lemon freeze-dried freeze-dried machining without astringency, no bitterness, Lemon contains limonin, as cancer is very precious. Here say no bitter lemon itself with, doesn't mean there is no processing of bitter) 。

lemon lyophilizer technical parameters:

type TF - 陕西林业局。 75

dry area 7. 5 ㎡

barrier layer 7 + 1

- clapboard temperature range 50 ℃ to + 70 ℃

clapboard temperature difference of 1 ℃

baffle spacing between 100 mm

partition size 915 * 1210 * 25 mm

- cold trap minimum temperature 70℃( No-load)

catch water capacity of 75 kg / 24 h

ultimate vacuum 10 pa

the machine power 40 kw ( Including electric heating 10 kw) Lemon freeze-drying was conducted at low temperatures, such as microbial degeneration or lose their biological activity will not occur. Under the low temperature dry, lemon slice of some volatile components of the loss is very small. In the process of freeze-drying, the role of the growth of microbes and enzymes to, so can keep the original character. After adding water to dissolve quickly and completely, and almost immediately restore the original character. Due to drying under vacuum, oxygen is few, so easy oxidation of some substances have been protected, at any time to enjoy the feeling of fresh fruit.

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