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Leak detection Tian Feng cold water machine

Cold water machine production process, the most important is water and air. Any link problems, cold water machine production failure, production is the key to leak detection.

simple leak test is to check each interface, the fitting parts whether there is leakage, whether CARDS tight, is broken. And, some more advanced is the sudden pressure to the impact of compressive test, the test is the best guarantee of quality.

when the cold cold water mechanism in the system reaches a certain pressure, low pressure gage pressure not less than 0. While 2 mpa, with soap and water onto the connection, welding and fastening parts may leak, or discovery is to check parts of an expanding bubble appear to be, that is what is leaking situation shall be leak detection, leak detection, soapy water available soap or laundry soap powder processing, if put a few drops of glycerol in soapy water, then make the soap water leak detection operation is more troublesome, and the 0 & deg; The following is not easy to use.

leak detection light leak detection

leak detection lamp on the refrigeration system is a simple and effective tool of leak detection, leak detection lamp is a special alcohol, ethyl fast or butane lamp, in the burner flame without wire mesh, and a desire to rubber or plastic rubber and will check the air vents inhaling flames of fire. If gas is contained in the air inhaled, cold water machine, in case of fire and then broken down into elements, these elements are in contact with the lamp on the hot wire, namely synthesis for halogen copper compounds, and make the flame light

in the duct and parts installation of air conditioning system the general provisions of

duct and components through walls, floor or lying face, should be reserved holes, size and location should comply with the design requirements,

duct and indoor air treatment, not laying cable, wire and transportation of toxic, flammable, explosive or single machine operation, the system on-line determination of the test run and commissioning, with production in line with the comprehensive performance test and debug, so can run.

cold water machine the leak detection is refrigeration equipment company to each employee at the very least production skill, has formed the text, combine with production skills coefficient, direct impact on employee's salary. We attaches great importance to the link of leak detection, to ensure that every production is the most stable, with quality to enhance the vitality of enterprises.
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