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Laser use cold water machine the note and anti-freezing measures

Cooling water machine for laser through the role of the compressor, heat dissipation in the condenser, conducted by capillary pressure, after the evaporation under the condition of cold temperature industrial ice machine absorption, has a good and stable heat dissipation effect. Laser use cold water machine the note, it adapt to the environment temperature is 8 & deg; To 35 C & deg; C, relative humidity less than 80%. According to the meteorology and statistical law of laser water chiller refrigeration system debugging environment temperature parameters of the general set of 30 & deg; C, cold water temperature setting of 10 & deg; C - 15° C。 When the cooling water machine for laser in air conditioning indoor environment, the environment temperature is relatively low, according to the principle of refrigeration, cooling effect is good, high latent heat of evaporation, water absorption of heat in the evaporation tank is more, can lead to evaporation coil tube or pipe frozen blocking phenomenon, the serious influence the normal operation of the cooling water machine for laser, and even lead to damage of the target device.

general laser chiller water injection proper antifreeze in the system. Antifreeze need phase change, and if a mixture between different brands of antifreeze, the cooling water machine for laser system to produce irreversible damage. How much is more difficult to master the amount of antifreeze. With the function of antifreeze cooling water machine for laser, including the compressor, condenser, capillary and evaporation coil of refrigeration system, and by the cold agent, water tank, promote the load of the industrial ice machine flow of coolant pump system, evaporation coil set inside the water tank, refrigeration system and the cooling fluid system in setting up evaporation tank heat exchange coil, coolant system also includes the vortex pump, can avoid evaporation in the cooling water machine for laser produce frozen or pipe producing frozen blocking phenomenon, make laser cold water function used in the environment temperature changes within the larger space.
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