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Large-scale edible cube ice maker is coming


  A great invention for the benefit of mankind was born in Bingquan. It is a large edible ice cube machine. The emergence of this invention will bring good news to many places where ice pellets are needed. Different from the traditional ice maker, it is a fully automatic edible ice maker. It breaks the operating disadvantages of the traditional ice machine that requires manual ice filling with a spoon and the disadvantages of low ice production, and becomes an ice machine that can run automatically and produce a large amount of ice. The emergence of this invention will once again change our lives.

   It is understood that this large edible ice cube maker was developed and manufactured by Guangzhou Bingquan, a refrigeration equipment manufacturer. Guangzhou Bingquan is a senior refrigeration equipment manufacturer established in 2004. The company focuses on research, design, and production of large-scale ice machines. Because of the core technology of cbfi ice machine research and development, the ice maker produced by Bingquan Refrigeration is at the leading level in the industry in terms of technology and practicability.

   The large-scale edible ice cube machine produced this time has changed the core technology of machine operation on the basis of the original ice machine, thus becoming a fully automatic ice machine that can be operated by itself. The reporter immediately interviewed the technicians of Bingquan Refrigeration and saw firsthand how the equipment works.

   This is the first fully automatic edible cbfi ice machine that uses four leading technologies including ice thickness self-adjustment, ambient temperature self-adaptation, ice-forming automatic water replenishment and auxiliary condensing pressure stabilization system. With many advantages, it has become a hot and popular product.

   First of all, its production process is fully automatic, and the ice cubes produced are uniform and beautiful, with no difference in thickness.

  Secondly, the ice production is large. It is designed according to the harsh outdoor environment to ensure the output. In summer, the output reaches 90%-95%. When the ambient temperature is below 23 degrees, the output reaches 100%-130%. The maximum ice production can reach 20 tons/24 hours.

   Once again, low power consumption: the use of first-class compressors and refrigeration components, precise design details, so that the product meets the energy-saving and environmental protection standards. Simple operation: PLC program design, one-key operation switch, ice thickness self-adjustment system, ambient temperature self-applicable system, and ice-forming automatic water replenishment balance system are all automated without manual adjustment. The ice cube automatic output system is matched with the ice cube automatic packaging equipment (optional equipment), which not only reduces labor, but more importantly, it guarantees food safety, meets hygienic requirements, and significantly improves the competitive advantage of ice cubes.

   Finally, it has a small footprint and is easy to install. The unit has been tested for 24 hours uninterrupted operation in the factory. Therefore, the unit can be turned on and run automatically as long as it is connected to water and electricity.

  From these characteristics, it is not difficult to see that Bingquan's large-scale edible cube ice machine is a machine that can be used by itself. There is no complicated operation, no difficult technology, all equipment is fully automatic, and it is easy to master the use steps. The advancement of science and technology is constantly creating new products, and these new products are bound to bring our lives into a more comfortable and efficient era.

   At present, this large-scale edible cube ice machine has been favored by many enterprises and service establishments. The reporter found in market research that Bingquan’s large edible cube ice machine can be seen in places where ice is needed, such as hotels, hotels, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and cold drinks shops. With the widespread spread of its high-efficiency, safe, energy-saving, durable and environmentally friendly performance, it will replace the traditional ice maker in the future and successfully enter every corner of need.

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