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Large edible tube ice machine

The tube ice machine is an ice maker that produces cylindrical edible ice cubes. The evaporator consists of several stainless steel tubes. The refrigerant flows between the tube and the tube. Under the action of the water distributor, the water in the pipe flows spirally from top to bottom. Equipped with digital pressure control, pressure control and time electric triple protection, strictly control the ice formation speed, prevent the cold stainless steel tube, after the ice is formed, the ice under the action of the above three controllers makes the system evaporator heat, so that the ice falls freely, and at the same time Cut the skates. It forms cylindrical ice cubes with lengths ranging from 3 cm to 5 cm, namely tubular ice. Due to its small footprint, high heat exchange efficiency, and obvious energy saving effect, the pipeline ice packing machines is favored by the market. Product features: 1: Adopt 3D simulation assembly, compact structure, simple operation and maintenance. 2: The entire tube ice packing machines uses SUS304 for all metals in contact with water. Impurities and metal ions that affect the transparency of the ice are automatically removed through the circulating water tank each time the ice making technology is used. 3: The evaporator uses a special alloy material combined with a unique heat treatment process to make the evaporator have the best thermal conductivity. 4: PLC computer module automatic control, the whole ice making process. 5: Tube ice can be eaten directly, frozen beverages, brewed drinks, iced food, making snacks and keeping fresh, etc.
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