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Large direct cooling ice block machine

The obvious difference between the large-scale direct cooling ice brick machine and the old salt water ice brick machine is that the direct cooling type uses very fast cooling aluminum plates to make ice molds and connect them to each other. The flow channel in the mold partition is used to make the refrigerant flow around the mold, so that the cold amount of the refrigerant directly penetrates the aluminum plate, so that the water in the ice mold freezes quickly. Product advantages of the large-scale direct-cooling ice block machine: As a new generation of high-tech products, the large-scale direct-cooling ice block machine completely makes up for all the shortcomings of the old salt water ice machine. One: The large-scale direct cooling ice block machine has fast icing speed, good icing hardness, and it is very clean and hygienic, and the ice quality has been improved significantly. Two: The large-scale direct-cooling ice block machine adopts an integrated design, which occupies a small area and does not require strict site requirements. No need for large crane tools, reducing civil works. Three: The large-scale direct cooling ice block machine is convenient and energy-saving, and the total cost per ton of ice output does not exceed 50 yuan. It will not cause waste of water, and will not keep the workshop damp for a long time. Four: Large-scale direct cooling ice block machine reduces labor. It is simple and convenient to unload the ice and get the ice out of the ice table. The size and weight of ice bars can be customized for the direct cooling ice maker according to customer requirements. The direct cooling ice packing machines is still a new type of product in our country. Although some places have long replaced the brine type with direct cooling, some places have been reluctant to replace it due to conservative thinking. There are three main reasons: one: the high cost of the machine. Because the ice molds of the direct cooling ice maker are all aluminum plates, this increases the material cost of the machine a lot. The cost at the time of initial purchase will be higher than that of the brine type. Therefore, some bosses are unwilling to change. But they didn't calculate it. Although the salt water type is low-cost to purchase, the civil engineering is large, the manual use is large, the ice production in the future, the electricity consumption is large, and the water consumption is large, these are very obviously higher than the direct cooling type. What's more important is that the quality of direct cooling ice output is better than that of salt water, which is very important. Two: It is difficult to change the concept. This kind of people can't see the form clearly, and they always feel that they are used to salt water and don't want to replace them with new equipment. This kind of person can only let the market change or eliminate him. Three: Worry that the direct cooling ice machine is a new type of machine, and the immature failure rate is high. Everyone must be aware that the disadvantage of the salt water ice maker is that it uses highly corrosive sodium chloride, which causes the ice mold and ducts to corrode quickly, and the machine naturally has a high failure rate. The direct cooling type does not use sodium chloride at all, which obviously solves the corrosion problem, so the failure rate is significantly less than that of the salt water ice machine. This kind of large block ice machine is called bar ice machine in some places, block ice machine in some places, and ice block machine in some places, although it is called differently in different places. But the actual models are only salt water type and direct cooling type. So everyone must pay attention when purchasing, new technology is a tool to replace outdated technology, don't spend money on outdated equipment, then it will be too late to regret it.
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