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Large chiller condenser cleaning methods

Generally a high content of calcium and magnesium ions in tap water, water hardness is large, so large cold water machine use for a long time, the condenser in the water side, The copper pipe inside) On the surface of easy scale ( Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate) Gradually becomes poor, leading to the condenser heat transfer effect, increase of energy consumption. According to the observation, water industrial ice machine in the use of two after the summer, the condenser is at or above the 2 small temperature difference. 2 ℃, that is, the thickness of the scale at or above the limit.

in order to eliminate the influence of scale heat exchange and large chiller condenser cleaning methods, generally adopts the method of electromagnetic oscillation, brush descaling, pickling, the former two methods belong to the physical methods, the effect in general. Large for acid pickling, cold water machine USES a unilateral way in and out of the potion. Also is the use of natural water inlet and outlet of the condenser, let low liquid into higher, so as to achieve the condenser inlet and outlet copper tube for the purpose of uniform cleaning. From the point of actual effect, every time after pickling, open the catchment chamber cover the inlet section of the pipe and the water was observed indexes of finish are basically the same.
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