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Laboratory with a small chiller needs attention

To the equipment with good, good to equipment management. So cold water vendors would conclude for you, laboratory with a small industrial ice machine need attention! When in use, you must identify and carefully observe whether there are abnormal small cold water machine ( Such as sound louder) , generally speaking, there are fault and other issues, some systems will be myself, have noise, so in the usual daily use, these must be a good note, details decide everything.

in small cold water machine in the process of using, once the failure will effect exists in the process of running a small cold water machine the refrigeration effect, so regularly for cold water machine is very necessary for maintenance and maintenance work, carried out mainly from the following several aspects:

1, compressor, voltage, current regular check

when using small industrial ice machine, remember to regularly check whether the voltage, power flow is in a normal state, the compressor is the core part of the small cold water machine equipment, at the time of daily use, to pay more attention to the compressor running sound is normal.

2, pay attention to the cooling system

usually pay attention to the small cold water machine can normal cooling can pay more attention to the water tower fan normal cooling, whether normal filling water, if there is abnormal situation, timely solve.

3, cleaning refrigeration system

small cold water machine after using for a long time, remember to clean the cooling towers, cooling water pipe and condenser section, to ensure that the good cooling effect, generally every half an year is clean, deep cleaning once a year, as much as possible to clean.

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