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Laboratory using freeze drying machine structure

Laboratory using freeze dryer or lab freeze-drying machine, according to its structure can be divided into the bell jar and in situ, laboratory with freeze drying machine structure design refrigeration unit is installed in the casing; Cold trap is located in the upper shell; Vacuum pump by the vacuum pipe connected cold trap; Refrigeration unit with a compressor, heat exchanger, expansion valve, evaporator; Also includes material placed device, material placed above device installed in the cold trap and shell, and the upper end and the cold trap connected; Evaporator for evaporation coil, it is set in a cold trap. Evaporator interfere into evaporation coil, and set up within the cold trap, cooling speed.

1, the bell jar type freeze drying machine: freeze-drying chamber and cold trap for discrete structure, freeze-drying chamber without precool function. This type of material for the lyophilizer frozen after the need to manual operation into the drying process. Most laboratory lyophilizer for bell jar type, its simple structure, low cost. Freeze-drying chamber most use transparent organic glass, freeze-dried for inspection of material.

2, in situ small lyophilizer: freeze-drying chamber of the shelf with the function of refrigeration, material placement after freeze-drying chamber, the precool of materials and drying process without manual operation. The type of the lyophilizer complex production process, the manufacturing cost is high, but in situ is a lyophilizer development direction, is the ideal choice of the freeze-drying technology was groping. Updated version of the second generation HFD series in situ small lyophilizer ( TF - HFD - 4 and TF - HFD - 6) PLC system, instead of single chip microcomputer, intelligent control, more save worry save time and effort.

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