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Laboratory use cooling circulation water machine of other USES

Laboratory in cooling cycle water machine, as the name implies, is mainly used in colleges and universities, scientific research, laboratory, cooling, the small laboratory instrument in a suitable job, to keep its temperature in use, such as spectrometer, mass spectrometer, viscometer, rotation, fermentation device, a rotary evaporation apparatus, etc.

is the scope of its application in this way? In fact not, laboratory machine with cooling water circulation, also known as small cold water machine. It can also form a complete set with a small instrument or small power machinery cooling is used. Such as the following:
1, vacuum pump and medical equipment: molecular pump, diffusion pump, cooling blanket, X-ray machine, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), the accelerator;
2, industrial equipment and other: laser equipment, vacuum coating equipment, biological pharmacy, mold, machine tools, vacuum furnace, welding machine, the reaction kettle.
3, supporting small vacuum pump, such as molecular pump, small oil and gas recovery pump, roots pump, rotary vane pumps, slide valve pumps, etc. It connects convenient, simple operation, stable temperature, water-saving province electricity, to provide stable temperature environment for vacuum equipment, to provide equipment operation efficiency.
4 core components, form a complete set of machine tools, such as CNC machine, punching machine, planer, cutting bed, etc. Its active cooling, security and stability, small size, working for the machine tool to provide a good cooling environment.

5, supporting small power laser equipments, such as CO2 laser cutting machine, marking machine, engraving machine, welding machine, etc. Have multiple alarm Settings, and high safety; Small, easy to place; Closed the tank cover, prevent the foul air and dust pollution of water quality, provide safety and quality of laser heat dissipation performance.

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