Laboratory organs of freeze-drying machine steps

by:CBFI     2020-10-08
Lab freeze-drying machine steps, with traditional bell jar type as an example, the manufacturer to arrange for you as follows:

1, insert the charging valve, at the same time close & other Vacuum pump & throughout; The power switch, make the air slowly into the cold hydrazine, for inert gas, decompression of inert gas conduit connections & other; Inflatable mouth & throughout; ;

2, customs & other Vacuum & throughout; 、“ Refrigeration & throughout; , such as long-term need not, unplug the equipment directly;

3, mention organic glass, remove freeze-dried samples, preservation, vacuum freeze drying over;

4, cold trap of ice into water, the water must be from rapid charging valve mouth, operation similar to gas;

5, clean water and impurity in the cold trap, proper maintenance equipment;

6, much of manifold lab freeze-drying machine, bottle should be shutting down the rubber valve and remove the freeze-dried repeat again after shutdown operation;

note: the above organs of lab freeze-drying machine steps are for reference only, use a different brand of freeze drying machine equipment suggest you according to the instruction manual operation!

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