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Laboratory of choose and buy the four essential factors of the lyophilizer

Lab freeze-drying machine, also known as small lab freeze-drying machine, people tend to care about the price when the choose and buy, often question why freeze-drying same area of the lyophilizer prices are different? Freeze-dried factory tutoring you at 4 o 'clock recognition laboratory of choose and buy the lyophilizer, summarized as follows:

1, the temperature of cold trap.

cold trap is placed between the freeze-drying chamber and vacuum pump, used to capture the steam of the device. The lower the temperature of cold trap, cold trap the stronger ability to capture, but the low temperature of cold trap, high requirement to the refrigeration, machine costs and operating costs are also high.
laboratory temperature of cold trap are mainly - of the lyophilizer 50℃、- 60℃、- Three grade of 80 ℃. Temperature for - cold trap 50 ℃ of the lyophilizer is suitable for the water solvent or solvent in - freezing point Over 40 ℃ freeze-dried products, temperature of cold trap to catch water ability experiments show that the influence of temperature from cold trap 35 ℃ down to - 50 ℃, the ability of catching water increase significantly, the temperature is below - cold trap 50 ℃, cold trap catching capacity of ascension is not obvious. Therefore, in the case of no special requirements, temperature - choose cold trap 50 ℃. Temperature for - cold trap Around 80 ℃ of the lyophilizer is suitable for most of the products such as freeze-drying product with organic solvent or some special products of freeze-dried.

2, water

cold trap can capture the amount of steam, and laboratory experiment operating every day the amount of water or other solvents in sublimation related samples. Laboratory of the lyophilizer cold trap setting ice have 3 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, suitable for a variety of different experimental requirements.

3, ultimate vacuum
ultimate vacuum of the lyophilizer leak and vacuum extraction efficiency. Experiments of vacuum degree should be in a reasonable scope, high vacuum degree, is not conducive to heat, drying speed down instead.

4, control system laboratory freeze-dry machine is mainly applied to the material of freeze-dried, small batch production and freeze-drying process condition test, etc. Control system requires real-time display the lyophilization process parameters, such as cold trap temperature, vacuum degree, stage, process time and total time, etc. Setting, modify, and effectively perform freeze-drying process; Have the best communication interface for data acquisition, preservation. Lab freeze-drying machine series adopts PID controller, apply to different experimental requirements.

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