Laboratory lyophilizer small vacuum freeze drying machine operation video

by:CBFI     2020-10-08
First of all thank you for buying and using laboratory the lyophilizer. In order to you can better use this product, we take lab freeze-drying machine operation video for you to learn.

laboratory lyophilizer FD - small freeze dryer 【 1 Accessories introduction 】 :

http://v。 qq。 Com/vplus / 630 c902659daf2e2ea703ce04b40377a foldervideos/y30000101edl40k

fd - lab freeze-drying machine 1 freeze-dry machine operation video:

http://v. qq。 com/vplus/630c902659daf2e2ea703ce04b40377a/foldervideos/a00000101m788tb
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