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Laboratory freeze dryer USES different cold trap temperature

Lab freeze-drying machine due to the small size, less processing is named, often used in laboratory, scientific research, colleges and other places, and therefore a laboratory lyophilizer said. Cold trap is one part of the freeze dryer, used to capture the steam of the device. Generally the lower the temperature of cold trap, cold trap, the stronger the ability to capture the relative machine cost is high. Current laboratory freeze dryer temperature mainly divided into - cold trap 50℃、- 60℃、- 80 ℃ three stages ( Developed a new type of in situ, the temperature of cold trap is - 45℃) 。

the general purpose of different temperature of cold trap is different also, temperature of cold trap for - 50 ℃ of freeze drying machine is suitable for the water solvent or solvent in - freezing point Over 40 ℃ freeze-dried products, temperature of cold trap to catch water ability experiments show that the influence of temperature from cold trap 35 ℃ down to - 50 ℃, the ability of catching water increase significantly, the temperature is below - cold trap 50 ℃, cold trap catching capacity of ascension is not obvious. Therefore, in the case of no special requirements, temperature - choose cold trap 50 ℃. Temperature for - cold trap Around 80 ℃ of freeze drying machine is suitable for most of the products such as freeze-drying product with organic solvent or some special products of freeze-dried.

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