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Laboratory equipment operation using the lyophilizer

Laboratory equipment operation using the lyophilizer notice:

( 1) Without a properly installed do not use the

( 2) There is no panel do not use the

( 3) Do not use without permission

( 4) Shelf didn't place do not use the

( 5) There is no special security measures can't freeze corrosive substances. Even if have protection will ensure that won't erode the host material will not reduce the cold trap, drying chamber, the mechanical strength of lid and other accessories.

( 6) Producers are not allowed to add attachments in addition to some glass or plastic container. If the poor quality of the container do not use for freeze-dried burst when the container is very dangerous.

( 7) Do not use the lyophilizer with explosion danger area.

( 8) Laboratory lyophilizer don't impact or moving in use process, do not trust or rest on it.

( 9) Don't will potentially dangerous objects such as containing the liquid near the bottle on the lyophilizer.

( 10) Can react with supply of energy when freeze-dried samples can not be dry.

( 11) Don't freeze-dried samples of explosive or flammable.

( 12) Infectious, toxic, pathogenic and radioactive material must be placed in suitable containers to dry.
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