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Laboratory dedicated attention small cold water machine the choose and buy

Laboratory dedicated small cold water machine demand relatively common cold water machine, whether it's temperature control precision, refrigerating capacity and other requirements are higher, with the commonly used laboratory instruments and precision, the rigor of the related experimental data. Laboratory dedicated small cold water machine when the choose and buy, should pay attention to the following 2 items:
1, small cold water machine the choice of quality: quality first, price second. Vendors would produce different cold water cooling water machine for small quality is different also, small, after all, cold water machine is 369, refrigeration compressor is the main influence shadow small industrial ice machine performance indicators, some cold water machine manufacturers in the process of production, to control the whole production cost, the main part of refrigeration compressor using poor quality of the product, there are even using a refurbished compressor, the serious influence small industrial ice machine efficiency, in the late made may cause the deviation of the experimental data.
2, control purchasing cost: in the protection of small industrial ice machine under the premise of quality, at a higher price to buy suits own small cold water machine products, can achieve the purpose of reduce the cost, meet the demands of laboratory with the least amount of funds, small cold water machine products.

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