Lab freeze-drying machine type, the difference between the vertical

by:CBFI     2020-10-08
Laboratory lyophilizer has a table and vertical, freeze-drying chamber optional ordinary bell jar type, type gland, manifold type.

desktop lyophilizer host volume is small, freeze-dried area is not large also, generally is 0. 07 - 0. 12 square metre, general equipped with 4 layer material. The temperature of cold trap is generally - 50 degrees. Usually use transparent visual acrylic bell, a disk pack material can be observed. All needs to shift material precool and dry, no temperature control function. Desktop internal space limitations, this machine can't do - 80 degrees the precool at low temperature.

vertical lyophilizer due to internal space is big, can make it 80 the precool. And because the internal space is big, good heat dissipation. This compressor, the control circuit such as the aging is slow. Vertical lyophilizer freeze-dried area is in commonly 0. 12 - 0. 18, vertical laboratory lyophilizer than desktop is a bit expensive.

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