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Lab freeze-drying machine series

Lab freeze-drying machine series

TF - FD - 1 series:
vacuum freezing dryer is the watery element in advance to freeze, then sublimates its moisture content under the vacuum state and obtain a technical method of dry goods. Freeze-dried article easy to long-term preservation, vacuum freeze drying machine can be restored to the status of the form after adding water and keep the reason and biochemical characteristics. For heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, the enzyme hormone and other biological products, the freeze-drying technology can show its superiority. Main characteristic

imported closed refrigeration unit, temperature is low, water capacity. USES air-cooled heat, no water cooling

patent design of guide tube, improve the cold trap area, rapid freeze-drying

original installation import charging valve, rechargeable dry nitrogen or inert gas

low vacuum connection USES the international general standard parts, disassembly simple installation, convenient and reliable sealing performance

low temperature and cold trap sample vacuum adopts LCD display, concise and clear

low specific design touch soft key can be set up quickly and accurately to realize each function, operation simple and convenient

low transparency bell jar type drying room, natural heating, safe intuitive

a specially designed stainless steel rack, the normal sample plate distance is adjustable, layer number of free to set the

stainless steel cold trap and mesa, clean sanitation, beautiful and corrosion resistant

TF - FD - 1 l, TF - FD - 1 pf, TF - FD - 18 and TF - FD - 18 s series:

TF - FD - 1 l for vertical cryogenic freezing dryer series, suitable for laboratory samples freeze-dried or small production. USES the double compressor cascade refrigeration, condensation temperature was minus 80 ℃, a small amount of sample can be directly frozen in the cold trap. The lyophilizer has greater cold trap volume and lower temperature of cold trap, can obtain higher coagulation efficiency of ice, for volatile strong solvent has better catch ability, therefore more extensively applicable scope, can be used for samples containing organic solvent and drying.

TF- FD - 1 pf freeze dryer is a small vertical freeze drying equipment, suitable for laboratory samples freeze-dried experiment and a small amount of production.

TF- FD - 18 is a medium-sized vertical freeze drying equipment, suitable for laboratory samples freeze-dried test and a small amount of production. Freeze-dried device is optional: regular, gland, manifold normal and manifold type gland; Touch screen control.

TF- FD - For 18 s with freeze-drying curve of vertical freezing dryer, have layer board heating function, using electric heating provides the heat for products, can be preset layer plate temperature curve, realize the automation of sublimation process. Big hot crystal display screen, programmable memory freeze-drying curve. Suitable for laboratory samples freeze-dried or small production. Main characteristic

low vertical design, compact structure, small footprint.

good appearance, ergonomic design, easy to operate.

closed compressor imported from overseas, efficient and reliable, low noise,

double compressor cascade refrigeration, mature technology, low temperature.

low cold trap openings, with the function of sample precool.

low as a whole stainless steel, cold trap diskless tube inside cold trap, bright and corrosion resistance.

original installation import charging valve, rechargeable dry nitrogen or inert gas.

transparent organic glass bell jar type drying chamber, safety directly.

low international standard vacuum interface, with a variety of vacuum pump combination.

low LCD display temperature and vacuum degree. Optional sample temperature display.
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