Lab freeze-drying equipment design

by:CBFI     2020-10-08
Factory is a has been more than ten years of the lyophilizer design research and development and production and sales of the factory, at present we have lab freeze-drying equipment FD series satisfy the freeze-dried - most of the material 50 ℃, the conventional and special materials, low crystallization point, demanding - 80 degrees low temperature type, the device can choose ordinary, gland, manifold, in situ.

the lyophilizer said laboratory equipment design, reasonable compact structure, small size, flexibility, strong! Is mainly composed of shell, refrigeration units, vacuum pump, cold trap. The refrigeration unit installed in the casing; Cold trap is located in the upper shell; Vacuum pump by the vacuum pipe connected cold trap; Refrigeration unit with a compressor, heat exchanger, expansion valve, evaporator; Also includes material placed device, material placed above device installed in the cold trap and shell, and the upper end and the cold trap connected; Evaporator for evaporation coil, it is set in a cold trap. Evaporator interfere into evaporation coil, and set up within the cold trap, cooling speed.

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