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It is urgent to solve the development dilemma of ice machine


  It is imperative to solve the development dilemma of ice making machines

   In recent years, the demand for ice in my country’s agricultural products, fresh food, seafood and supermarket retail markets has been increasing, which has accelerated the development of my country’s ice making machine industry. . However, the current problems restricting the development of ice machines in our country cannot be ignored.

  From the perspective of my country's overall environment, the national policy of building an environment-friendly and innovative country is a faster development of the ice machine industry, creating policy conditions. Moreover, the funds invested in technological innovation have increased substantially every year.

   After decades of development, both the scale of production and the level of technology have been greatly improved, and its role in the national economy has also become greater. However, due to the wide range of application fields of ice machines, the requirements of different fields are also different. With the rapid development of various industries, the requirements for ice making machines are getting higher and higher.

   With the development of the industry and the continuous growth of the market, some problems have also appeared in the national ice machine industry. Problems such as production safety, false propaganda, low-price competition, and product quality have begun to appear. Some problems have been corrected. The development of the industry has caused some negative effects. For example, false publicity not only misleads government agencies and industry organizations’ understanding and judgment of the market, but also deceives users who do not understand the ice-making equipment industry. These companies grab the market at low prices. Use inferior products to deceive customers and build an image with false propaganda. If these problems are not resolved as soon as possible, it will create an unfavorable situation for the entire industry and some brand companies. Obviously, it is urgent to strengthen the construction of industry order and standardize the healthy development of the industry.

   In addition, compared with developed countries, we still have a lot of room for development in terms of machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. There are still gaps in the research and development of refrigerants and the energy efficiency level of ice machines.

The quality of    ice-making system is inevitable related to the quality of upstream machines, equipment, and parts, and they directly affect the level of ice-making machines. With the continuous improvement of my country's refrigeration compressor research and development level and the gradual completion of the capital accumulation process, there is still a lot of room for development. If my country's compressor manufacturing level with independent intellectual property rights is further improved, and the ice machine heat exchanger and its processing accuracy and efficiency are further improved, its market share in the domestic and foreign markets will have a greater leap forward.

   Then, the industry should focus on our existing problems such as poor processing accuracy and low material level, combined with the further improvement of energy efficiency, research and development and use of environmentally friendly refrigerants, etc., through production Combination of study and research, put forward specific topics, focus on breakthroughs and solve related technical problems as soon as possible, and strive to create a fast-developing international brand in the industry.

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