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Is there a classification for ice machines? What are the classifications?

There are classifications of ice machines. The ice maker is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that produces ice after the water passes through the evaporator and is cooled by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system uses the water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain equipment in the energized state. According to the principle of the evaporator and the different production methods, the shape of the ice cubes produced is also different; people generally divide ice machines into pellet ice machines, flake ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, shell ice machines, etc. Wait. Main classification: Ice makers can be divided into commercial ice makers, household ice makers, and industrial ice makers. From the shape of the cbfi ice machine: there are granular ice (cylindrical, cube, moon), snowflake, flake ice, slab ice, tube ice, etc. According to the ice making method, granular ice is divided into spray type, flowing water type and immersion type. Cylindrical ice is generally made by spraying ice. This method of ice making has a low freezing point, which can reach below minus 20°C. The contact surface between the cylindrical surfaces is small, it is not easy to stick into a mass, and it is convenient to use ice. Cylindrical ice cubes have high hardness, low temperature, and crystal clear ice cubes. They are suitable for cooling foreign wines. The slower melting speed will not dilute the foreign wines, but will affect the taste of the foreign wines. The disadvantage of the cylindrical cbfi ice machine is that the efficiency of ice production is relatively low. , Generally used in the production of bar table small ice machines. The temperature of flake ice is -6℃~ -12℃, which is most suitable for cooling in industrial processing and transportation of perishable items. It is often used for seafood display on supermarket fresh food stands. Large scale ice can also be used in cement plants, chemical plants, meat plants, marine fisheries, etc.

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