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Is the ice machine noisy? Comparison table of ice machine and noise

1. Noise comparison table of ice maker (within 2 meters) Common small milk tea ice maker, 0-40 minutes, quiet when making ice, like whispering softly, there will be some noise when removing ice. Common large-scale milk tea ice maker, 0-60 minutes, the ice maker is very quiet, and the noise is louder when the ice is removed. 2. Noise comparison table of ice machine (within 2 meters) 0.3 ton flake ice machine with daily output, 58 minutes. Daily production of 0.5 tons of flake ice machine, 58 minutes. Daily production of 1 ton flake ice machine, 58 minutes. A 1.5-ton flake ice machine with a daily output of 58 minutes. Daily production of 2 tons of flake ice machine, 70 minutes. Nissan production of 2.5 tons of flake Tube Ice Machine, 70 minutes. Daily production of 3 tons flake ice machine, 70 minutes. Nissan production of 5 tons flake ice machine, 70 minutes. Nissan 10-30 tons flake ice machine, 65 minutes. 3. The decibel is a unit for measuring the relative loudness of sound. The intuitive feelings of different scores are as follows: 0 -20 decibels are very quiet and hardly felt; 20 -40 decibels are quiet, like whispering softly; 40 -60 decibels are average, ordinary indoor conversation; 60 -70 decibels are noisy and nerve-damaging; 70 -90 decibels are very noisy and nerve cells are damaged. 90 -100 decibels increase in noise and hearing loss; 100 -120 decibels are unbearable, and it will be temporarily deaf after staying for one minute. 120 decibels or more: extreme deafness or total deafness about 300 decibels or more: irreparable deafness for people with a radius of 20km. The Tube Ice Machine has very little noise. It has almost no effect on the human body. Bingquan Refrigeration is a professional ice maker. Specializing in the production of flake ice machines, ice machines, block ice machines, tube ice machines, fluid ice machines and other ice making equipment.
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