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Is the flake ice machine noisy? The noise of each model of flake ice machine is divided into size

1. Common small flake ice machine (within 2 meters), about 55 minutes. Very quiet at work, no noise pollution, large and medium-sized flake ice machine 60-65 minutes, slightly noisy at work, no harm to the human body. The farther the distance is, the stronger the noise attenuation will be. The noise of the flake ice machine will not disturb the people, so customers can use it with confidence.

2. Noise comparison table of ice maker (within 2 meters)

The daily output of 0.3 ton flake ice machine, 55 minutes.

A 0.5 ton flake ice machine with a daily output of 55 minutes.

Daily 1 ton flake ice machine, 55 minutes.

Daily 1.5 ton flake ice machine, 55 minutes.

Daily 2 tons flake ice machine, 60 minutes

A 2.5-ton flake ice machine with a daily output of 60 minutes.

Daily 3 tons flake ice machine, 60 minutes

Daily 5-ton flake ice machine, 60 minutes

65 minutes of daily production 10-30 tons flake ice machine

3. The decibel is a unit for measuring the relative loudness of sound. The intuitive feelings of different points are as follows:
0 -20 decibels very quiet, almost invisible;
20-40 decibels quiet, like whispering softly;
40 -60 decibels for normal, normal indoor conversation;
60 -70 decibels noisy and nerve-damaging;
70-90 decibels are very noisy and nerve cells are damaged.
90 -100 decibels increased noise and hearing loss;
100 -120 decibels is unbearable, and it is temporarily deaf after one minute.
Above 120 decibels: Extremely deaf or completely deaf
About 300 decibels or above: Irreparable deafness for people with a radius of 20km
The noise of the flake ice machine is very low. It has almost no effect on the human body. Bingquan is a professional cbfi ice machine. Specializing in the production of flake ice machines, ice machines, block ice machines, tube ice machines, fluid ice machines and other ice making equipment.
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