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Is it worth buying a cheap ice machine?


   After learning about these, do you still buy a cheap commercial ice machine? According to the editor of how much the ice machine costs, the price of commercial ice machines in shopping malls varies greatly. In fact, we are commercial The ice machine has made hundreds of dollars in profits, but if you buy a cheap commercial ice machine, it will be two or three months behind in use, and a series of hidden dangers will occur. Then you will need a company to repair or repair it. Replacement, but the manufacturing process of the cheap commercial ice machine itself may be the use of cheap accessories, all of which are not used in the repair process, and will be repaired free of charge for you. Generally, the price of a commercial ice machine in the general market is around 3,000 yuan, but a cheap commercial ice machine may only be around 1,500 yuan. Although it looks cheap on the surface, is it really cheap? Your commercial ice machine is broken , Need to be repaired, replacement parts may cost about 2,000 yuan, see here really contains a lot of mystery, so before we buy, don’t forget to keep our eyes open.   The above is all about whether you still buy a cheap commercial ice machine after you understand this. If there is anything you don’t know, you can communicate with our customer service. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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