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Is food cold storage room facing a surplus?

Is food cold storage room facing a surplus?


Where did the food cold storage room boom come from?

1. Policy dividend

   This year, the country has intensively introduced a number of policies to guide the development of cold chain logistics in rural and urban areas, taking the construction of infrastructure such as cold storage room as an important starting point to consolidate the results of rural revitalization, make up for the shortcomings of urban and rural cold chain logistics, and improve the cold chain logistics network. For example, the National Development and Reform Commission and other three departments issued the "Notice on Further Promoting Rural Business Interconnection to Help Rural Rejuvenation", and the "Notice on Supporting the Development of Cold Chain Logistics" issued by Bank of China and others.

2. Strong standard help

Following the formal implementation of the first mandatory national food cold chain standard, the "Food Cold Chain Logistics Hygiene Code", formulated by the Cold Chain Committee of the China Federation of Things and the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, on March 11 this year, the cold chain The food safety regulatory environment continues to improve, and the entry barriers for the cold chain industry are accelerating, providing opportunities for cold room construction.

3. Consumption pull

In the past two years, the chain and industrialization of catering, the introduction of clean vegetables into cities, pre-prepared vegetables, and frozen food have developed rapidly, but the corresponding cold storage room shortcomings have become more prominent, especially the high-standard freezer cold storage. Unable to meet market needs, the level of cold chain infrastructure has significantly lagged behind industrial demand.

4, production area upgrade

The construction of cold chain facilities at the production area is an important measure to make up for the shortcomings of urban and rural cold chain facilities and optimize the national cold chain logistics network. At present, there are few companies deploying cold storage room in the production area, most of which are supply and marketing cooperatives or wholesale markets in the production area. The main function is product pre-cooling. , Temporary storage. With the further implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, delivery cold chain facilities and cold chain commercialization processing centers have become the focus of cold chain upgrades in production areas.


5. Cross-boundary entry

   Strong demand in the cold chain market has attracted more and more giant crocodiles to enter the cold chain track. As the most important cold chain circulation node, cold storage is naturally the object of key layout. State-owned enterprises represented by the General Supply and Marketing Cooperative, local supply and marketing cooperatives, and local agricultural investment companies, and real estate, private, and foreign companies represented by Vanke, Yuhu, and Longguang have also expanded their layout.

6. Epidemic variables

   The epidemic has not only disrupted the originally steadily restored global supply chain, but also brought great variables and shocks to the domestic cold chain food circulation. The continuous increase of high-end imported cold chain foods has increased the demand for inspection warehouses, centralized supervision warehouses (first station warehouses), distribution centers, etc. The price fluctuations of import and export foods in the cold chain of major ports and the disorder of loading and unloading have caused the low turnover efficiency and long time of the port cold storage, and more cold room is needed to store the goods.

7, new retail stimulation

  In the context of new retail, consumer groups, consumption concepts, consumption methods, consumption scenarios, etc. have entered a new stage. Community group buying and online celebrity delivery have rapidly developed into the main battlefield of new consumption in the past two years, which has further released the market demand for fresh and frozen food. Self-built grid warehouses, front warehouses, and self-pickup points have become the new The freezer cold storage display form of the wheel.