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Investing 30 billion to build a reserve warehouse is the icing on the cake for the cold storage industry


  Investment of 30 billion to build a reserve warehouse is the icing on the cake for the cold storage industry

  As a large agricultural country, my country’s output of various agricultural products including grain, fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products and other products has always been in the leading position in the world, and agricultural products The development of the processing industry largely depends on the development process of the national cold chain logistics industry. The improvement of the supply chain of frozen and refrigerated food has also promoted the market demand for sales and display equipment in the terminal retail market. It is expected to reach 350 billion yuan by 2015, and the market development prospects are broad. It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture of our country has decided to invest 30 billion yuan to build reserve warehouses across the country by 2015, which is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for the cold storage industry.

   In recent years, the development of my country’s cold chain logistics industry has been rapidly extending from the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions to the Bohai Rim and the central and western regions. This has brought the logistics development to the central region where the development of logistics is on the rise. opportunity. As a Chinese company, Henan has the right time and place to develop cold chain logistics. Henan's food industry ranks second in the country. There are 6,385 food industries above designated size in the province. The total output value of the food industry is 1.32 trillion yuan; in 2011, the province's total aquatic product output was 1.05 million tons, and the total aquatic product industry output value was 18 billion yuan; Henan has become The country's largest production and processing base for meat, quick-frozen food, pasta products, condiments, convenience foods, edible fungi, snack foods, etc.; focus on cultivating emerging advantageous industries such as dairy products, beverages, fruits and vegetables, and fats; vegetables rank second in the country, Fruit ranks sixth in the country.

   The largest, fastest-growing and best-effect exhibition in the Midwest of FFC!-Expanding the preferred platform for the Midwest market!

   There were more than 400 FFC exhibitors in 2012, with an exhibition area of u200bu200b15,000 square meters Meters, more than 20,000 audiences. FFC's influence has attracted a large group of visitors in the central region to purchase, exchange and negotiate business. The group of visitors involved more than 40 food industry parks in Henan and surrounding provinces, and more than 3,200 professional market groups attended the conference to visit and purchase, and Leading enterprises in the industries of quick-frozen food, meat products, ice cream, noodle products, convenience food, beverages, aquatic products, dairy products, cold storage engineering, etc., but also to catering, supermarkets, hotels, convenience stores, logistics parks, distributors, and industry distribution Merchants provide a one-to-one trading platform, which greatly improves the speed of introducing new products in the central market, and fully reflects the preferred trading platform for supply and demand.

  Part of the exhibitors: Kaixue, Uni-President, Cedar, Haibao Electric, Mingxue Refrigeration, Hiran Electric, Comry, Lingyun, Zhaobang Electric, Weixue Refrigeration, Xueshuang Refrigeration, Zhengbo Plastic Industry , Lanxue Refrigeration, Bingyu Refrigeration, Binglun, Bitzer, Aisino Refrigeration, Liyongda Refrigeration, Fluoride Refrigeration, Gumei Trading, Haojiamei Refrigeration, Yunchang Refrigeration, Splet, Changxue Refrigeration , Gangzhiquan, Knauf, Huadu Maohua, Jingbo Refrigeration, Winter Palace Refrigeration, Henry Refrigeration, Nantong Xingnuo, Tianshan Cold Storage, Shanghai Zhengyan, Guangzhou Jingbo, Tongsheng Refrigeration, Carrier China, Gu Yuan Electromechanical, Hongyu refrigerated truck, Xinfei, Fengchi Logistics, Tibetan Jinyuan Warehousing, Aerospace Xinyang, Xiaojin Machinery, Solatek, Tianmai Machinery, Xindeli, Yikang, Zhuoyue Electromechanical, Keda Food Machinery, Zhongbo Machinery etc.

  Visit and purchase well-known companies: Sanquan, Miss, Siji Pangge, Zhongpin, Kodi, Yunhe, Smile, Shuanghui Group, Yurun, Yongda, Dayong, Huaying Group, Lei Ming, China Resources Group, COFCO, Aunt Su, Longfeng, Goubuli, Wanchai Wharf, Mengniu, Yili, Huahuaniu, Bright, Venus, Tsingtao, Snow, Yanjing, Budweiser, Unilever, Health Yuan, Walmart , Carrefour, Hualian, Dashang, Dennis, Century Lianhua, China Resources Vanguard, Watsons, Metro, Yichu Lotus, Home World, Yonghui Supermarket, Parkson, Starbuy, Jiazhongfu, New Mart and other companies. Some companies organized high-level management, procurement, technology, sales, workers and other personnel to form a large visiting group to visit, purchase and guide.

   More than 40 food industrial parks and professional market groups visited: Wanbang International Agricultural Products Logistics Park, Henan Cold Chain Logistics Center, Wankelai Food Market, Zhengzhou (International) Agricultural Products Trading Center, Zhengzhou Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center, Central Agricultural Products Global Trading Center, Xinji Seasoning Food Market, Xinji Aquatic Cold Storage, Jiangshan Aquatic Cold Storage, Wuzhou Aquatic Cold Storage, China (Luohe) International Food City, Linying County Industrial Cluster, Luohe Economic Development Zone, Yucheng County Industrial Cluster, Mazhai Food Industrial Park, Xinzheng Xuedian Town Food Industrial Park, Pingdingshan High-tech Zone Food Industrial Park, Licheng Food Processing Industrial Cluster, Nanle County Food Industry Cluster, etc.

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