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Introduction to the lyophilizer control system operation

One, the control system operation

the machine control system adopts LCD display for the man-machine interface, equipment, simple and convenient operation, running status is displayed clearly. System can display the sample temperature, cold trap indicators, such as temperature, vacuum degree. System USES a variety of measures, stability control system is stable and reliable operation. Control system mainly has the following several display content.


1. Refrigeration lights: compressor delay flicker, the compressor refrigeration output light;

2. Vacuum indicator light: when to press the vacuum key light.


A set button: setting parameters key

B shift button: used for parameter shift and enter the query condition;

C plus key & the and; : in setting state and internal parameters, click on the add a set value; Manual switch query query content;

D minus key & the or; : in setting state and the parameter of the internal state, click the key value minus one. Manual switch query query content;

E manual/automatic key: click start for manual or automatic checking inquiries;

F refrigeration button: click start cooling or stop ( Enter the cooling time delay, after stop refrigeration) ;

G vacuum button: press the key control vacuum pump output;

of each function calls out

1, the controller is powered on after self-checking, LCD display on the temperature of the measured values, the state for the standard;

2, buzzer alarm, can press any button to eliminate;

3, in the standard condition, click on the refrigeration key, if the controller is in a state of refrigeration, entering a state of refrigeration; If the controller is under a state of refrigeration, stop refrigeration status;

4, in the standard state, click the control key, if the controller in the temperature control state, stop temperature control; If the controller in a stop state, start temperature control;

5, when the temperature higher than the ceiling, indicated on the LCD screen window display & other; ” 。 When the temperature is lower than the lower limit, indicated on the LCD screen window display & other; ” 。

6 and overtemperature alarm, this controller has a alarm, AL as the upper and lower deviation alarm, when the temperature measured values & gt; = ( The temperature set point + AL) 1 ℃ when heating, alarm lights on. When the temperature measured values & lt; = ( Temperature set point - AL) 1 ℃, refrigeration, alarm lights on. AP for absolute value alarm, when the temperature measured values & gt; Continuous chirping = AP ℃, buzzer, close the heating, refrigerating output, do not eliminate alarm if a minute later, the controller will automatically cut off the main switch K1. And K1 electricity again later to recover.

7, in the standard condition, press set key, the line of liquid crystal screen display LCK, set of 3 LCK, long press the set key more than 4 seconds to enter the user menu, long press the set key to exit the change of state;
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