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Introduction to the four common problems of ice making machines

Introduction to the four common problems of ice maker    Introduction to the four common problems of ice maker:    1. The icing of the cbfi ice machine is not good.    Flowing water type check whether the water flow is uniform and uneven. Check whether the top water hole is blocked. The spray type checks whether the nozzle is clogged and whether there is scale clogged and cleaned up. 2. If the water does not flow during ice making, check the circulating water pump to see if it is working properly. If it is not broken, the water level probe may be short-circuited. The water level control head can judge whether there is water. It passes some Signal to judge whether the required water is reached.  3. Short dehydration time   The short dehydration time of the ice maker may be: the ice plate probe is wrong; the water level probe is deviated: the temperature of the water source; the water inlet solenoid valve: the water pressure. The solution is to adjust the ice plate control needle to the thickness that should be adjusted; check whether the water level and the position of the water level probe are appropriate; the temperature of the water source cannot be higher than 32°C: check whether the water inlet valve is normal; water The pressure must be 20-80Psi.    4. The refrigeration effect is not enough. The exhaust is insufficient, the compressor is broken, and the refrigeration effect may be inadequate. The capillary tube will cause fouling, and the system will be blocked and the system will not freeze. High pressure is not hot, look at the inflation valve. Mainly check the pumping system first. The water supply flow of the water pump is too large to cut off the flow. Reduce the water output, and the ice maker will be able to fill the ice mold and the cooling effect of the ice maker will not work. It will not stop. The water flowing on the ice plate will become smooth, that is, the ice plate will not freeze, and the copper pipe on the radiator will not be frozen. hot.
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