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Introduction of tube ice machine

Tube ice packing machines (Tube ice machine) is a kind of ice packing machines. It is named after the shape of the ice cube produced is a hollow tube with a regular cylindrical length. The name of the ice cubes produced is tube ice. Because the contact area is the smallest among the existing ice types in the market, tube ice has the best melting resistance. It is suitable for the preparation of drinking products, decoration, food preservation, etc., so most of them are edible ice. Application areas of tube ice: edible ice factories, coffee shops, bars, hotels and other ice places, aquatic products and food preservation ports, dock ice factories, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other commercial use logistics preservation medical and chemical ice tube ice machine features :Special ice-making method can remove impurities in the water, the ice is hard and powder-free; the body adopts 304 stainless steel outer sealing plate, which can be directly put into the food production workshop for use. It has a small area and low production cost; high freezing effect and energy saving Consumption, short installation period and convenient operation. The ice cubes are thicker, cut and transparent, beautiful, have a long storage period, are not easy to melt, and have good air permeability. The tube ice is in the shape of a hollow cylinder, the outer diameter size is φ26mm, φ28mm, φ30mm, φ34mm and other specifications, and the length ranges from 27mm to 50mm. The diameter of the inner hole can be adjusted according to the ice making time, generally controlled between φ5~10mm.
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