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Introduction of tube ice machine

Comis is proud of inventing the Taiwanese edible tube ice packing machines. More than ten years of rich manufacturing experience has made our manufacturing technology more perfect. In the field of refrigeration, we are constantly exploring and pursuing breakthroughs. The tube ice produced by the turtle tube ice packing machines is colorless, tasteless, clean and hygienic, crystal clear, and fully meets the food standards. It can be eaten directly, frozen beverages, beverages, frozen foods, snacks and fresh. The daily output of comus tube ice machines ranges from 1 ton to 30 tons. The whole machine has a compact overall structure, compact appearance, and effective space saving. All equipment except the cooling tower is installed in a steel frame to meet the requirements of container transportation, transportation, and movement, and it is easy to install. The tube ice packing machines is easy to use; the evaporator part can be put into operation only by providing water and power on site: the evaporator, some evaporator accessories, tube control valves, etc. are installed on a steel frame to form a whole. The tube ice evaporator part is relatively high. The 'evaporator part' can be placed during transportation and can be installed on site after installation. It does not affect the normal use of the machine and meets the requirements of container transportation. Compressor unit components: including compressors, condensers, oil reservoirs, oil, gas, electric control boxes and other equipment, all installed on a steel frame to form a whole. Cooling tower: cooling tower, cooling water pump, cooling water pipe. The standard power supply of the large pipe ice maker is 380V/3P/50Hz, which can be replaced according to the actual situation, but you must pay attention when ordering. The company is a modern refrigeration equipment supplier integrating Ru0026D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company mainly produces vacuum pre-coolers and ice machines, and the products are exported to more than 100 in the world.
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