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Introduction of the block ice machine manufacturer: what should be paid attention to when installing the ice machine

Many companies need to control ice in the process of production and transportation of goods, so they need to purchase suitable ice machines from block ice machine manufacturers for control. However, even if they purchase high-quality ice machines, if they are installed properly It will also affect the efficiency of ice making. The following is the block ice machine manufacturer to introduce what should be paid attention to when placing the ice machine. 1. Keep away from the heat source and prevent direct sunlight. The temperature is low to a certain degree to produce ice. If the middle temperature is too high, it will affect the output of ice making, and it will also cause the ice packing machines to be damaged due to good heat dissipation. When controlling the ice machine of the block ice machine manufacturer, you should be careful to stay away from various heat sources and maintain good ventilation to prevent the temperature in the environment from exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. 2. Place the platform carefully and sturdy. After buying the ice machine from a high-quality block ice machine manufacturer and bid farewell to you, place it under a fluctuating and sturdy platform. Since the weight of the ice machine is larger, if it is a platform If it is strong, it can be used to support the ice machine for a long time. In addition, if the platform is stable, the ice machine will only have a lot of noise during operation and there may be dehydration. 3. Independent standard power supply needs to be controlled. Since the power of the ice machine is relatively large, when it is installed, the block ice machine manufacturer encourages companies to deploy an independent power supply that meets the national standards for the configuration of the ice machine. Other configurations are equipped with a power supply. In addition, in order to prevent power fluctuations from causing defects in the ice machine, it should also be equipped with fuses and leakage protection switches to ensure that the voltage fluctuations of the ice machine exceed plus or minus percent of the rated voltage when the ice packing machines is running. ten. It is necessary to pay attention to the loss of high-quality ice cubes. In addition to purchasing easy-to-use ice machines from economical block ice machine manufacturers, you also need to pay attention to various aspects when placing them. It is important to choose a place away from heat sources. , Prudent and sturdy placement platform and independent standard power supply. Ensure that the ice packing machines supplied by the block ice machine manufacturer can operate and make ice stably for a long time.
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