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Intelligent cold water machine automatic calculation cooling efficiency

Cold water machine is a kind of common cooling cooling equipment, manufacturing of cold water vendors would also emerge in endlessly, make product quality and service life is also the good and bad are intermingled. And reflect the quality of the cold water machine, as well as work quality, material quality reference, reference is crucial place is cold water machine the refrigeration efficiency. Is cold water machine the refrigeration efficiency of the determination of calculation, depends on the quality and other professional personnel manual measurement. This way, the measuring efficiency is low, the feedback cycle is long, is not conducive to timely maintenance of the equipment.
intelligent refrigeration efficiency, cold water machine with automatic calculation of its internal control circuit including central processing unit, temperature acquisition module and switch input signal processing circuit, temperature acquisition module and switch input signal processing circuit is respectively connected with the central processor, the CPU is connected with a touch screen display module, and through the 485 communication module and the external upper machine and lower machine signals connected to the CPU through the switch quantity output signal processing circuit connected with driver contactor, driver contact is used to trigger a cold water machine the pump output, the output of fan, compressor output, the output heating components, alarm output or bypass valve output. The utility model provided with automatic calculation of refrigeration efficiency of the cold water machine, by setting the automatic data acquisition way for equipment running status, shorten the feedback cycle, improve the efficiency of equipment monitoring.

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