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Instructions on the use of the cryogenic refrigerator for low temperature box and the matters needing attention

Ultra-low temperature freezer cryopreservation box, also known as ultra-low temperature freezer. Is mainly used in biological samples, or the preservation of the drug. Cryogenic refrigerator temperature ranges from - roughly 60 ℃ to - 150 ℃ degree. The correct use of cryogenic refrigerator operation is helpful to prolong the life and its proper use.
1, ultra-low temperature freezer no-load ( Do not put items) , boot, phased make cryogenic refrigerator cooled to 40 degrees - first, normal stop and then fall to - 60 degrees, the normal open stop eight hours and then transferred to - 80 degrees, freezers for normal open 24 hours. Prove that cryogenic refrigerator performance is normal.
2, must let stand cryogenic refrigerator for at least 24 hours or more to get electricity.
3, ban: so for saving equipment, ultra-low temperature freezer forbidden one-time items that is put in the relative too hot too much can cause the captain of the compression time don't stop, don't drop in temperature and easy to burn down compressor. Items must be partial, ladder temperature cooling, until the cold!
4, 2 after ultra-low temperature freezer is normal, according to the operation to the cryogenic refrigerator for storage. Items should be stored in principle, no more than a third tank capacity.

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