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Installation of refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment company, installation of after-sales department suggested that hints and standardized operation.

note: for in the hot weather, the specification of the installation of refrigeration equipment.

1) Refrigeration system of the accessory equipment such as condenser, receiver, evaporator, oil separator, intercooler, oil trap, air separator, etc. For the former, should check the direction of the tube and position, the position of the anchor bolt holes with the base, and should comply with the design requirements,

2) The installation of refrigeration system accessory equipment should comply with the design and equipment technical specification file shall meet the following requirements.

( 1) Accessory equipment installation, should be sealed chamber experiment and monomer purging, air tightness test pressure, when the technology design and equipment without rules,

( 2) Bedroom equipment of horizontal and vertical verticality deviation are unfavorable 1/1000 size.

( 3) When installing device with oil trap, one end of the oil trap should be slightly lower.

( 4) For easy vibration equipment such as oil separator, other bolt should adopt double nut or increase the spring washer. Washing liquid into the mouth of oil separator of elevation should be lower than the condenser liquid outlet elevation of 200 - 300毫米。

( 5) When installing a cryogenic equipment, equipment support and equipment contact should add timbers. The thickness of the mat wood should not be less than the thickness of the insulation blanket.

( 6) The installation position of liquid ammonia separation should be higher than the top row between cold tube 1. 5 - 2 m, drainage device into the liquid height should be lower than ammonia separator or around bad receiver in indoor and outdoor decorating, should have shade and anti-freezing measures.

( 7) And the equipment connection pipe, its import and export direction and position should be accord with the requirement of technological process and design.

( 8) The installation of the industrial ice machine, in addition to CB50275 - should be consistent with existing national standards 1998. Compressor, blower, pump installation engineering construction and acceptance standard 'the relevant provisions of the outside, still should meet the following requirements.

the axis of the pump elevation should be less than the minimum level elevation liquid barrel and its spacing should comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents.

pump into, outlet connection pipe diameter shall not be less than the in and out of the caliber of pump, two and two or more into the tube should be separate installation, should not be installed in parallel.

pump shall not be idle running or in the case of wind resistance.

installation of refrigeration equipment, to meet the problems, and practical skills, please contact with industry.
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