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Inspection and Repair of Ice Thickness Detector and Water Level Detector in Ice Making Equipment

The virtual presence of the ice thickness detector is to move an aluminum metal piece on a plastic bracket and hang it on the right side of the box, connect a wire to the controller, and use the conductivity of the water when the water and the metal piece are built Dian Mo Tian and the controller form a loop, and there is a screw on the bracket that can adjust the distance between the metal sheet and the evaporator through the scheduling screw to adjust the thickness of the ice cube. Check false example: An ice making equipment has the shortcoming of shutdown. After confirming that the power supply is normal, turn the function switch to 'Shutdown'-'Ice making'. At this time, the ice harvesting/safety limit 'HARVEST' light will be turned off twice and the ice will be made. The machine starts in accordance with the ice making procedure. Ice harvesting/safety limit 'HARVEST' indicator light on and off twice indicates that the old-fashioned stop is caused by the 2# safety limit. Why does the 2# safety limit act? Careful observation of the ice-making process creates an ice harvest/safety limit outside the ice-making process. The 'HARVEST' indicator light is continuously on, and the ice thickness detector has scaled. It is analyzed that the ice thickness detector is caused by scale formation. During the ice process, the water splashed into the ice thickness detector to make the ice harvesting/safety limit 'HARVEST' indicator lighted for 7 seconds, so that the cbfi ice machine enters the ice harvesting mode. Since the ice cubes are still formed, there will be no ice cubes slipping open. The box switch and even the ice collection time passed 3.5 minutes, and the 2# safety limit was activated after 3 consecutive times. Reward and punishment method: Shut down and remove the ice thickness detector and clean it with weak acid. Because the exposed part of the metal sheet is too much, the chance of misoperation is increased. The excessive part is sealed with hot melt glue, leaving only 0.5 cm wide exposed. Reinstall the detector and turn it on. The water level detector adopts the same working principle as the ice thickness detector. When it is installed on the upper right side of the sink, there is also a heading problem of water splashing on the detector. If the water intake is already low, the detector action will constitute the water volume and the ice thickness will not reach the limit. Pray for the continuous ice making time to exceed 60 minutes to cause 1# security restriction action, and the method of handling rewards and punishments is the same as that of the post-ice detector.
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