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Injection water chiller selection requirements

Injection water chiller selection requirements, generally can be divided into the form of the refrigeration water-cooled and air-cooled water chillers, technically, water is higher than air cooling can effect comparing, water units of the same refrigerating capacity compared with air cooling unit, water cooled unit operation stability, high efficiency, long service life.

air-cooled chiller

on price, air-cooled total cost is less than the water. Without considering room area, without considering the cooling tower and pump installation and operating cost, no maintenance and management professionals. Suitable for water shortage area or room area is limited.

on installation, water should be included in the cooling tower may use, air cooling is removable, without other auxiliary, but air-cooled chiller with fan cooling, only on the environmental requirements: such as ventilation, humidity, temperature is not above 40 ℃, air ph & hellip; …

water cooled chiller

after considering the above factors, unit selection is clear, according to the system of injection molding machine and water chiller refrigeration principle, choose the appropriate water industrial ice machine.

the hydraulic oil cylinder and cooling of the feeding section: usually hydraulic oil cylinder and the feeding section USES water to cool the cooling water tower, because it not only is the best way, alone the production cost, also is very economic, unless have specific request for its temperature, available in ice water to cool.

cooling water power * 860 * 0 = hydraulic motors. 4 * 1. Two-thirds of * 1. 860千卡/小时。 千瓦; 0. 4 for the thermal conversion; 1. 2 as the factor of safety; 3 ℃ temperature difference; 1kcal/kg. ℃ for specific heat.

note: referred to in this place of cooling water cooling water required for injection oil cooler, rather than the required cooling water chiller, choose a cooling tower in the need to take this part of the heat into consideration.

has important influence on the mould forming of the cooling system, the accurate calculation of cooling capacity and reasonable selection of industrial ice machine is the basis and key of injection mold design, mold molding rate can be effectively improved and the reasonable and efficient utilization of cold quantity.

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