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Injection molding machine with cold water machine the cooling stage

Injection molding machine working principle: by injection device and clamping unit in two parts, it is the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Can be understood as a plastic raw material in the cylinder after uniform plasticizing, flows through injection, molding, pressure maintaining and cooling after molding injection products.

process: injection molding filling & ndash; The holding & ndash; Cooling & ndash; The cycle of mold release process.

with cold water injection molding machine cooling stage, because the cooling time of the molding cycle is about 50% ~ 80%, therefore the proper mold temperature, can reduce the deformation of plastic parts, plastic parts of mechanical performance, improve the appearance of the plastic parts quality, improve the dimensional accuracy and stability of the plastic parts improper design of the cold water machine cooling system can make the molding time stretched, increased cost; Uneven cooling will further cause plastic buckling deformation.

air-cooled industrial ice machine

in the process of injection molding mould melt temperature is usually kept at about 200 ~ 300 ℃, and the mold temperature is 60 ~ 80 ℃ below [ 4] 。 To optimize the layout of the cooling system, can achieve the purpose of make plastic products quickly, balanced cooling, so as to shorten the cooling time of injection molding and improve the production efficiency, reduce waste, improve the economic benefit.

the factors influencing product cooling rate: mould material, mould heat transfer coefficient of cooling water pipes, layout, cooling water flow rate, cooling medium, plastic heat conduction coefficient and processing parameters setting. Usually the diameter of the cooling pipe should be 8 to 25 mm.

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