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Injection molding for cold water machine advantage

Special cold water injection molding machine is designed for injection mould for a water-cooled industrial ice machine, currently on the market of the existing machine has many kinds of cold water, the cold water machine also can give injection mould for cooling, cooling effect is not very good, but that the working efficiency of the injection molding machine.

special cold water injection molding machine, including the electrical box, compressor, chassis, condenser. Its advantage is that water tower cooling water inlet and a water tower cooling water outlet to the cooling water tower, chilled water inlet and chilled water outlet received injection molding machine, drain from waste water processing center, connected to the power, through the operation panel is corresponding to set parameters, parameter set, through the electrical panel to start the cold water machine, frozen water pump, compressor and condenser to start working, the water in the water tank through the refrigeration compressor and condenser frozen, constant temperature constant pressure of the frozen water through the frozen water pump in the injection molding machine constant current circulation, circulation of water through the drain discharge to wastewater treatment center.
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