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Industrial use large cryogenic refrigerator USES

With the continuous development of cryogenic technology, ultra-low temperature freezer this instrument also gradually accepted by the familiar conventional cryogenic refrigerator - main , - 40 degrees , - 60 degrees , - 86 degrees 150 degrees, mainly used in laboratories, universities, scientific research, hospitals, or food tuna cryopreservation. However a lot of people with large cryogenic refrigerator industry is strange. Although you can just as its name implies understanding: industrial, has a large capacity, strong load large cryogenic refrigerator. But this kind of industrial large cryogenic refrigerator USES everyone still don't know or know not complete.

is professional manufacturer of cryogenic refrigerator. Below small make up to summarize industrial large cryogenic refrigerator USES:

1. Is mainly used to examine and determine the electrician, electronics, aerospace, automobile electrical equipment, materials and other products, all kinds of electronic elements and other related products of spare parts and materials stored in low temperature, constant temperature environment and the adaptability when using test, test their various performance indicators.

2. Mainly used in industrial cooling, make uniform metal structure produced by the matrix organization, subtle and dispersion of carbon precipitation. That carbon precipitation phenomenon will bring metal wear resistance performance and friction performance improved significantly, the hardness will increase, and will directly increase the service life of wearing parts. An ideal alternative liquid nitrogen products.

3. Used for copper ring, bearings, such as cold, widely used in precision machinery assembly.

4. Application in large equipment ( Cars, large engineering machinery, aircraft parts, aerospace equipment, ultra-low temperature testing of military equipment components.

cryogenic refrigerator:
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