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Industrial cold water machine, water chiller

Cold water machine is a kind of physical and mechanical.
cold water machine commonly known as the freezer, refrigerator, ice water machine, cold water machine, cooling machine, etc. , from all walks of life take over bucket strength is extensive, so the name is not counted. The nature of things is more than a machine, to remove the liquid vapor through the process to shorten or hot type refrigeration cycle. Steam to shorten the industrial ice machine for four important component of the steam to shorten the refrigeration cycle shorten machine, evaporator, condenser, measuring partial disassembly situation so as to realize the differences of refrigerants. Receive type chillers as industrial ice machine, and relying on between water and lithium bromide solution, cooling off in order to achieve a strong affinity.
cold water machine the individual dominance in cooling air conditioning unit and property. In air conditioning system, chilled water that is the distribution to the freedom of the air heat exchanger or coil units or other types of terminal equipment cooling in their respective space, cooling by cooling and cooling water head distribution. Chilled water or other liquid cooling pump is test chamber after the process flow or test equipment. Cold water machine is used to control product, mechanism and workshop mechanical cooling all walks of life. industrial ice machine
cold water machine according to the individual can be divided into water-cooled and air-cooled refrigeration situation, on craft, water-cooled than eer than air-cooled beyond 300 to 500 kcal/h. On price, water-cooled much lower than the air; On installation, water should be included in the cooling tower can take over, air cooling is removable, no need other assistance, but with fan cooling, only some requests of scene image: such as wind, humidity, temperature is not above 40 & deg; C。

- Characteristics of the

1. Free cooling tower, easy to install, easy to move, suitable for water from water tower place.

2. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling condensation effect, stabilize the throttle body, excellent antirust processing.

3. With Europe and the United States imported high-performance compressor, investigate the high value, low noise, steady operation. Water cooled industrial ice machine
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