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Industrial cold water machine the refrigeration and debugging

Comprehensive efficiency of the testing and debugging
the ventilation and air conditioning engineering should be under the condition of the production load, do the determination of system comprehensive performance test and adjustment, and by the construction unit according to the engineering properties, technology and design requirements to determine the specific test content.
industrial mechanism of cold cold water system comprehensive performance test, the main content includes back tuyere air state parameters determination and adjustment of air conditioning unit performance parameters determination and adjustment, the determination of indoor noise, have special request for air air conditioning area, for the determination of air velocity.
ventilation, dust removal system comprehensive performance test contents include, the indoor air dust content or harm to the measurement of gas concentration and the emission concentration suction cap, determination of the air flow characteristics, the effect of the precipitation gas resistance and determination, air soot, acid mist purification filter unit measure.
thermostatic bath wet air conditioning systems in addition to the comprehensive performance test content should include the air conditioning system, fair can increase the following items indoor static pressure measurement and adjustment, industrial cold water machine the functional performance and determination and adjustment, the determination of indoor air distribution.

the installation of the electric heater
electric heater should have a good grounding line, the connection of industrial cold water before and after the mechanical and electrical heater duct flange gaskets, heat or materials should be adopted.
fixed on steel frame, the electric heater should be noncombustible heat for melting heat layer, exposed terminal should be added a security guard
electrical heating must be used under the condition of ventilation to electric heater should be interlocked with the ventilator on-off circuit.

comprehensive efficiency of industrial cold water machine, electric heating installation, has a direct impact on the performance of water industrial ice machine, good control of cooling, electric heating, and the test data, greatly improve the working efficiency of the industrial cold water machine.
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