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Industrial cold water machine the price quotation, how much money a

Industrial cold water machine the price quotation, how much money a? This is a generic problem, different manufacturers configuration, cost, also is not the same. The same manufacturer for different types of cold water machine the price is different also.

industrial cold water machine has the air-cooled and water-cooled optional, is commonly used in large industrial machinery, equipment cooling, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Factory is a professional industrial cold water, to provide you with the injection/plating/laser with large air-cooled industrial ice machine equipment and cooling water circulation system solutions, and provide the normal temperature to low temperature refrigerating units do not calibration services.

industrial cold water machine models chosen, refrigerating capacity from 1. 8 kw to 148 kw, can also be non-standard custom! TF - industrial cold water machine LS - D0。 6 a market price 13000 yuan; Large price TF - cold water machine LS - D50A market price 128000 yuan; Price how much money a more cold water machine, consulting Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter 13661495136

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the original: industrial instruments, http://www. tfyqchina。 cn
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