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Industrial cold water machine the level control

Industrial cold water machine is more used in large refrigeration equipment such as full liquid type evaporator, although it is filling quantity is big, oil return difficult faults, but its heat transfer coefficient is high, easy to realize the stable operation of the industrial cold water machine, easy cold quantity allocation so consumption is quite large.

full liquid type evaporator for fluid volume by adjusting the parameters of the heat can not be used as a test, ( Because regardless of load change export always saturated gas) , if the amount of feed liquid is greater than the amount of gas from the evaporator, the industrial cold water machine the industrial ice machine liquid level increases, whereas the drawdown. That is reflected for fluid volume adjustment is to control the liquid level to maintain in the specified range.

full liquid type evaporator, refrigeration system with free liquid surface equipment, containers and requirements prescribed level, in order to ensure the normal operation of industrial cold water machine, such as the need to keep the intercooler, low pressure circulation cooling liquid level of liquid containers such as drums, then by the system needs to control the oil separator, oil trap and the crankcase oil level, and according to the oil level control of discharge of oil and gas, these all belong to the category of level control.

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