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Industrial cold water machine the characteristics of the thermal expansion valve

Automatic expansion valve thermal expansion valve is temperature type, the most commonly used in the industrial cold water machine, adjust the volume of fluid for it to match the load for the purpose, for the amount of industrial ice machine liquid into the evaporator outlet can evaporates, avoid excessive fluid production and ensure the full use of the area of heat transfer in the evaporator. So it is to detect the excessive heat of industrial ice machine evaporator outlet for the signal to adjust for fluid volume.

rough, said industrial cold water machine belongs to proportional control valve thermal expansion valve, its performance requirements, 1. Thermal response quickly. 2. The proportion of bandwidth. 3 mechanical stability is good. 4. Using a wide temperature range. 5. Within the scope of the use of superheat roughly constant. Fast response speed. Can guarantee in load decreases quickly adjust. To prevent the liquid. The proportion of bandwidth. To expand scope of adjustable valve capacity. Cold quantity change is too big, can consider to use several expansion valve and installations, fluid in different load range switch, good mechanical stability can extend valve life

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