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Industrial cold water machine the calculation method of the cold ( 1)

Sorching summer, believes that many factories are in cold water for industry machine selection, how to choose to form a complete set of equipment of industrial cold water machine with yourself. Under the following simple teaching people about cold quantity calculation methods of industrial cold water machine:

the relevant index to calculate water system

1. Known frozen water flow and calculate the refrigerating capacity in and out of the water temperature difference

machine = frozen water cooling capacity & times; Density & times; Specific heat & times; Temperature difference / 3600

Q ( 千瓦) = G( m3 / h) × 1000kg/m3× 4. 2kJ/kg. k× Δ t /3600

2. Known fever material production, in and out of the water temperature difference and the material performance parameter calculation of the capacity

refrigerator cold quantity = material production & times; Specific heat & times; Temperature

Q ( 千瓦) = G( kg/s) × c ( kJ/kg. K) × Δ t

3. Mould the calculation formula of the water energy for the

Q = C * delta T * W * S

note: Q for the required water energy kcal/h;

W as the plastic raw material weight kg/h.

C for plastic heat kcal/kg. ℃

delta T as the melt temperature and products form a complete set of temperature difference experience of demoulding by delta T = 200 ℃;

S for factor of safety ( Typically take 1. 35 ~ 2. 0) When the single machine matching, generally choose a small value, when a cold water machine fit with many sets of mould take great value, such as choosing cold water unit, air cooled S also appropriate to choose a bit bigger accordingly.

selection estimate: cold quantity ( 千卡/小时) Plasticizing capacity (= Production of kg/h) × △t( Take 200 ℃)

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